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Top-Quality HVAC Accessories in Gastonia and Charlette, NC areas

If you maintain your HVAC system annually and keep up on repairs, then your furnace and air conditioner are most likely in excellent shape. However, you can always improve your heating and cooling systems further with HVAC accessories.

Your home in Gastonia, NC, has to battle changing weather all months of the year. When seasons change and suddenly warm nights are windy and cold, you rely on your heating and cooling system to keep you safe and warm. HVAC accessories can enhance your HVAC system’s performance while also supplying your household with a whole host of benefits.


Which AC Accessories Are Best For You?

There are many HVAC accessories to choose from for your Gastonia, NC home, and all of them have unique advantages. These modern accessories function to upgrade our homes, from improving indoor air quality to cutting down on energy costs. The most common AC accessories include:

Did you know that a clean air filter is essential for the overall efficiency of your air conditioning unit? It’s recommended that you have your air filters changed approximately every three months.

Many HVAC accessories allow you to purify and even disinfect the air. Overall, UV lights that attach to your HVAC system are known to eliminate mold and stop certain diseases from spreading. Ultraviolet-C lights (also known as UVC) are known to lessen bacteria and disinfect your home’s solid surfaces, air, and water.

Have you noticed moldy or musty smells in your home? Does your indoor air feel severely dry? If you are experiencing either one of these problems, you may want to consider investing in a whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier. These HVAC accessories attach easily to your currently existing ductwork and can drastically improve your home’s IAQ and overall comfort. Humidifiers & dehumidifiers can also help you save energy—a win for your energy bills and the environment.

Choose the Experts in Heating Accessories

When deciding which heating accessories are best for you, it’s essential to consider how the accessories will benefit your comfort, HVAC system, and energy savings. One useful HVAC accessory that every Gastonia, NC homeowner should have is a smart thermostat.

Thermostats have always been a treasured part of our homes, but these days smart thermostats provide more benefits than ever before. Smart thermostats, such as WiFi thermostats, allow you to set your home to a lower temperature while you’re not there so that you can save energy. When you save energy with heating accessories, you can also lower your energy bills.

We Service All Leading HVAC Brands

When you schedule maintenance with Dilling, you can guarantee that your HVAC system will be working at peak performance at all times. We can improve your Gastonia, NC home’s comfort and safety even further with our premier HVAC brands. Dilling services all major HVAC brands, including Rheem®, Ruud®, and American Standard®.

We are proud to service Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding area. Dilling is always happy to help with all of your HVAC needs, no matter the time of day or time of year. Get in touch with one of our licensed technicians to learn how our HVAC accessories can benefit you and your home today.

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