3 Benefits of HVAC Equipment Maintenance Plans


An HVAC system should last at least 10 years. With consistent maintenance, you may even be able to stretch this life span further. Enrolling in a maintenance plan helps you avoid breakdowns that require HVAC repairs, keeping the unit efficient. The guide below explores a few of the reasons regular checks improve the equipment’s performance and benefit your family.

Why Create an HVAC System Maintenance Schedule

1. Cleaner Equipment

During maintenance, an HVAC technician cleans out the coils, fan motor, and filters to reduce the amount of dust and contaminants in the system.

With cleaner components, the unit filters and circulates air more efficiently. When there are fewer pollutants in the air, you can also avoid allergy symptoms, including coughing and sneezing.

2. Reduced Utility Costs

HVAC repairClogged ducts or failed heating pumps force an HVAC unit to work harder to produce the desired temperature. It also takes longer to reach the temperature on your thermostat, increasing utility bills.

Equipment that runs smoothly uses the minimum amount of power needed to warm or cool a home. The HVAC repair technician fixes and prevents any malfunctions from compromising efficiency.

3. Fewer Breakdowns

With a regular maintenance plan in place, technicians find problems before they lead to breakdowns. This keeps you from paying costly HVAC repair bills or suddenly finding yourself with a broken air conditioner in the heat of the summer. By preventing strain, you also avoid a premature need for replacement, saving money on new installation.

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