Surge Protector Service in Charlotte, NC

Whole house surge protector installation and surge protector service keep your home safe; working overtime to protect your home from an electrical emergency proactively. Dilling Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical are here to make your surge service seamless.

No one can predict when an outage will hit. By investing in whole house surge protector installation and service now, you can protect your investment and avoid a catastrophic electrical emergency that would affect your appliances, home, and safety.

While circuit breakers provide proactive protection, they aren’t as effective as surge protection services (or both options used together). That’s why we’ve chosen this specialty service, guarding your property against outages and surges.

Dilling Surge Protector Services in Charlotte, NC

Frequently Asked Surge Protector Service Questions

What is a surge protector service?

This type of service works to reinforce your electrical system, helping you to avoid downtime, damage, and other emergencies that can come from power outages and surges.

How many years do surge protectors last?

On average, your surge protector will last 3-5 years. If you have frequent failures, you might consider replacing your protector on a more frequent basis, such as every 1-2 years (as needed).

Is surge protection worth the money?

Yes, surge protection is worth the money. A single surge can lead to total failure and equipment damage to your most sensitive and necessary household systems; which can be catastrophic.

What makes a surge protector go bad?

Like anything else, your surge protector can age over time. It can also be damaged due to failures, lightning strikes, or wiring issues. Choosing a surge protector service that is reputable and knowledgeable is essential to prolonging the life of your unit.

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