3 Steps to Take Before Powering Up a Furnace This Season


Fall is nearly here. While there might be many maintenance tasks to take care of before the colder weather, tending to your furnace is one of the most important ones. Besides scheduling a tuneup with a residential HVAC company, here are a few steps to take this season to improve the unit’s efficiency and prevent inconvenient winter breakdowns.

How to Get a Furnace Ready for Fall

1. Replace the Air Filter

When a filter is covered with dust and other allergens, it can’t push air through efficiently. Allergen accumulation also compromises indoor air quality.

A new filter improves functionality and efficiency. Some households need new filters every month, while others only need to replace them seasonally. In general, if you have pets, kids, and allergies, replace it every month.

2. Prioritize Clearance & Airflow

residential hvacAn HVAC system also has difficulty sending warm air throughout a room if there are furniture pieces or stored belongings blocking the vent covers and registers. Keep these parts clear of any obstructions.

Also, make sure they’re clean and free of dust, lint, or pet fur. Use a vacuum’s brush attachment or wipe the vents with a rag.

3. Test & Assess

Once the weather cools down, do a quick test run. Turn the thermostat up a few degrees and let the furnace run for at least half an hour.

While it’s running, listen for any unusual noises, as these can indicate loose bolts. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, schedule an inspection with a residential HVAC contractor to prevent malfunctions. During service, the professional will also take steps to improve the functionality of the unit, such as lubricating moving parts and checking electrical connections.

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