4 Ways to Save Energy This Fall & Winter


As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, it can be tempting to crank up the temperature on your residential HVAC system to compensate. However, doing so also drives up your heating costs. Here are a few simple ways to stay comfortable without turning up the thermostat.

How to Reduce Heating Costs

1. Use Sunshine

Opening curtains and blinds will heat your home for free. Focus on south-facing windows, which typically receive the most amount of sun throughout the day.

On milder days, natural light may warm your home without assistance from your residential HVAC system. Just remember to close the curtains at night to keep the chill out.

2. Get Space Heaters

residential HVACIf you have a large house, your central heating system may waste energy controlling the climate of spare or lesser-used rooms.

Get space heaters for the most-used areas of the home, such as bedrooms and the living room. Using these devices on milder days will help keep overall heating costs low.

3. Weatherproof Windows

Drafty windows can waste as much as 30% of your home’s heat.

To prevent this, add caulk or weatherstripping around fixtures. Alternatively, upgrade to storm windows or cover glass with specialized window shrink wrap to seal in treated air.

4. Adjust the Temperature

When you’re at home, keep the thermostat set as low as is comfortable for you. Reducing the temperature 10 to 15 degrees could save about 10% a year on energy bills.

Lower the setting before leaving the house. Experts also recommend setting the temperature to around 60 to 66 degrees at night and sleeping with additional blankets as needed.

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