Do’s & Don’ts of HVAC Maintenance for New Homeowners


An important part of homeownership is maintaining your residential HVAC system. Now that you own your property, investing in proper upkeep will reduce your utility bills, maximize your system’s life span, and ensure your comfort. Use the guide below to learn some best practices and avoid rookie mistakes.


Schedule annual maintenance.

Your heating and cooling systems should each be tuned up by a professional once a year. Technicians will clean, lubricate, and test the unit to fix any issues before they lead to major problems. Preventive maintenance will help you save on repairs and prevent breakdowns.

Call an HVAC contractor in the spring to prepare the cooling system for summer, and in the fall to inspect the heating system before winter.

Change the filters.

Ask your contractor to show you where the air filters are; your system may have one or several filters throughout the house.

Stock up on extra units and replace them every six weeks. These filters get clogged with dust as the HVAC system operates, impeding airflow and reducing efficiency. Changing them regularly will help the equipment run smoothly and improve your indoor air quality.


Forget the ductwork.

Though you cannot see it, the ductwork is an important part of a residential HVAC system. Since dust and debris build up inside the ducts, they should be professionally cleaned once every three to five years.

residential hvacIf you feel like your home never matches the temperatures on your thermostat, there might be small cracks in the ducts. Leaks let treated air seep out, so a professional might recommend having the ducts sealed.

Overlook unusual bills.

Your utility bills will peak during the summer and winter’s more extreme temperatures, but they should generally be similar each year.

Compare one month’s bill to the one from 12 months prior. If your current expenses are much higher and you cannot think of a reason for it, a part of the system might be failing. This is a time to schedule an HVAC inspection.

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