How to Make a Heat Pump More Efficient in the Winter

Your heat pump may be costing you more money than it should.

Heat pumps are super-efficient and cost-effective — if used properly! These pro-tips can help you make the most of your energy dollars and indoor air quality in your Gastonia, NC, home.

Slow and Steady Saves Money

If you’re feeling extra chilly due to the recent storms plaguing our area, it can be tempting to crank the thermostat all the way up. Don’t!

Your home heating system doesn’t function like a car heater, meaning your home won’t get warmer quickly just because you raise the thermostat temperature higher. All this is going to do is waste your energy as the heat pump will rely on the back-up heater until the indoor climate catches up to your thermostat settings. Instead, increase the temperature slowly until you find a comfortable setting or, even better, schedule it.

Pair Your Heat Pump With the Right Thermostat

For convenient temperature control, consider a programmable or smart thermostat. Matching your heat pump with the right thermostat gradually increases the warmth before you need it. This means a warm, cozy home is waiting for you when you return.

Clean Filters Are Efficient Filters

Regularly cleaning or replacing air filters improves airflow in your home by as much as 30 percent. How often you should inspect your filters depends on a number of factors. 

As a general rule, replace run-of-the-mill air filters every month and high-quality filters every three to six months. This not only safeguards air quality but the system lifespan as well.

Outdoor Obstructions

Weeds and leaves easily obstruct and constrict outdoor intakes. Your heat pump must be able to breathe around the top and all sides. So, pick up the rake regularly over the winter to ensure adequate ventilation. A cover or shelter isn’t necessary; in fact, it can cause issues like mold growth.

Defrost Mode

Your heat pump has a defrost cycle for when ice or snow forms on the outside. It should activate automatically when the unit detects frost, though some systems have a defrost option. Keep in mind that this cycle is short. If it stays in this mode for a while, you may need a heat pump service.

The Temperature Pros

The last thing you want in winter is an unexpected heater breakdown. Be sure to book regular professional cleaning and maintenance before the cold season starts (best case scenario) or as soon as possible thereafter.

But if the unforeseen happens, get in touch with the temperature pros at Dilling Heating and Cooling. In addition to heat pumps, we also carry out HVAC and furnace repair in Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding areas.