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The Finest Ductless Mini-Split Services

Ductless mini-split systems are one of the most powerful HVAC systems on the market. These small but mighty heating and cooling machines are carefully mounted on the wall, so there is no need to build in any ventilation. A mini-split system comprises two different components: an outdoor compressor and an indoor handling unit. They are known for being easy to maintain as well as a good option for large houses that don’t need air conditioning or heating in every room at one time. At Dilling, we offer top-notch ductless mini-split services in Gaston County and Mecklenburg County, ranging from installation to repairs to ensure the system matches your level of satisfaction.

Ductless mini-split compressor outside of Southern PA home.

The Benefits Of a Ductless Mini-Split System

If you currently reside in an older or small home with no central AC, there are tons of benefits that you can gain from installing a ductless mini-split system.

Ductless mini-split systems are also an excellent solution for any home additions since they don’t require additional ductwork, saving money. Contact us for more information on how this system can benefit your home. 


Reliable Ductless Mini-Split Installation

When you decide to have a ductless mini-split system installed in your Gaston County or Mecklenburg County home, there is no one you can trust more than with Dilling. Our team of trained technicians has over 60 years of experience when it comes to installing and maintaining mini-split systems. 

Like any of our ductless mini-split services, our technicians will come in prepared and equipped with the proper knowledge and equipment to make sure everything goes smoothly. Since no ductwork is required, your new units only require a 3-inch hole in the wall to be safely secured in the best spot. If requested, we can customize a flexible system integration system for your house. This will allow your mini-split system to operate in every room or to match the layout of your home. For more information regarding our AC installation services, contact us today.

Professional Ductless Mini-Split Repairs

Your ductless mini-split system can last you up to 15 years with regular maintenance. When you have someone come in and inspect your system, you can catch needed repairs that will help prolong the life of your system. 

Here are some signs your unit could be in need of ductless mini-split services:

If you believe that your mini-split system is being affected by these issues, Dilling will come in and diagnose any problems that you may have with your unit. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified in AC repair services, so you can be assured that our professional opinions are reliable and the best for your needs. Our ductless mini-split services are affordable to fit whatever budget you have in mind with our financing options.

While these systems are dependable, just like any other HVAC system, they can have unexpected issues. That is why Dilling provides emergency HVAC services if you have issues with your unit. 

For more information on our ductless mini-split services in Mecklenburg County or Gaston County, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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