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Affordable and Dependable Home Heat Pump Repair Services

Dilling Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electrical: A Heating Company You Can Count On!

The average lifespan of a heat pump system is approximately 10 years. Even properly maintained heating systems will require heat pump repairs from time to time. If you’ve owned a heat pump for over a decade and find that your home’s heating is less than adequate, it may be time to have your old pump repaired. We can diagnose the problems with your current heat pump and offer affordable solutions that will keep your home warm and comfortable for years to come.

We have been serving our community for over 60 years. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality parts and services to our customers, allowing them to enjoy their home with the peace of mind of having us on their side. With our experience and certified technicians, you can expect affordable and professional home heat pump repair services. In fact, the team at Dilling is always here to help!

The heat pump is a core component of your home’s heating system. Without a properly functioning heat pump, your furnace will struggle as the system unsuccessfully attempts to circulate warm air throughout the house. This places additional burdens on your furnace and other aspects of the heating system. A heat pump repair will ensure your home heating system is in optimal working condition.

If you’re a Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding communities, contact Dilling to schedule a heat pump repair!


The Home Heat Pump Repair Process

Once you have contacted Dilling for a problem regarding your heat pump system, we will set up an appointment to come out and inspect the unit. Our certified technicians will perform a point-by-point inspection of the entire heating system and test all applicable components to determine the nature of the issue.

 After our technician determines the source of the problem, they will go over repair options with you and find the best solution to meet your needs and budget. If parts are required during the heat pump repair process, we will do our best to provide you with multiple options to complete the repair work. Other HVAC companies will frequently quote the most expensive parts, knowing you are desperate to get your home’s heat pump up and running again. At Dilling, we will break down our service work in detail and the parts needed to finish the job. You can confidently agree to any repair work, knowing our certified technician has thoroughly explained what is needed to have your heat pump running again.

Get Pumped For Effective and Efficient Heating With the Dilling Team!

Dilling is proud to provide a full range of services for the replacement, repair, and maintenance of your home’s heating system. We also offer heat pump replacement and heat pump maintenance services to our customers. With our team of trained and experienced professionals, you can enjoy the comforts of your home with confidence knowing the heating system is being serviced by some of the best in the industry.

We are proud to be a leading heat pump repair company in Gastonia, NC, and the surrounding communities. To learn more about Dilling and the advantages of using us for the repair, installation, and maintenance of your HVAC system, contact us today!

Call us at 704-833-8969 to schedule your service with our team!
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