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Professional Heating System Installation Services

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Furnaces are the central part of most heating systems. Over the years, they can become worn down and less efficient. If enough time goes by, they can even stop working entirely. In these situations, it is necessary to consider the installation of a new heating system. That’s where Dilling comes in. We offer top-quality heating system installation services in Gaston County, Mecklenburg County, and Charlotte, NC, featuring the leading heater brands in the industry.

Our heating system installation services are performed by licensed and insured experts who can make sure that everything is set up to code. No matter what type of furnace services you need, you can count on Dilling.


Reliable and Affordable Furnace Installation Services

Your home’s heating is just as important as the doors and locks that secure your house. If your furnace is experiencing poor heating quality, high energy costs, or needs constant repairs, it may be time for a new furnace installation. Our technicians can help you find a furnace system that will heat your home adequately, maintain energy efficiency, and remain reliable for years to come. We carry a large selection of top brand electric and gas furnaces, and we will ensure they’re installed perfectly in your home.

Signs of a Failing Furnace or Heating System

There are several indicators that may warn you of an impending breakdown of your heating system. It is important to pay careful attention to your heater’s operation and performance so that the proper repairs or heating system replacement can be performed before a worst-case scenario. Here are some of the most common factors indicating a potential breakdown may occur:

Furnace Replacement Services From the Team at Dilling

If your heater is approaching “old” age, it may be time to consider a furnace replacement. We carry a wide range of new furnaces that can effectively heat your home or business while keeping your energy costs down. All of our new furnaces utilize the latest heating technology and are entirely energy-efficient. We pride ourselves on convenient and professional heating system replacement services.

With over a half-century of experience, Dilling is a premier provider of heating system installation and furnace replacement services in Gaston County, Mecklenburg County, and the greater Charlotte area. We also provide professional heating system repair services and furnace maintenance and upkeep services for your convenience. For more information about our team and what we can do, contact us today!

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