What Does HVAC Maintenance Mean?

When the weather starts getting warmer, there is nothing worse than realizing your AC no longer works. With that in mind, being proactive about your HVAC systems is the best way to prepare for a season change. By this, we mean recognizing the right maintenance plan for your system’s needs. However, if you notice any more immediate issues with your heating or cooling systems, do not hesitate to contact your trusted professionals at Dilling Heating & Cooling in Gaston County, NC, for an HVAC repair

When performing maintenance on HVAC systems, you should leave the work to us! Our expert contractors understand that maintenance depends entirely on how many systems and what types of units are present in your home. Based on that, we can determine the best maintenance plan for you!

What Does a Professional Maintenance Plan Include?

Here at Dilling Heating & Cooling, no matter which service plan you choose, there are standard cleaning and maintenance practices across each one. Overall, these plans include cleaning the air conditioning and heating systems, checking electrical connections for safety, and reviewing your units. Below we will dive into the specifics further. 

Air Conditioning and Heating Inspection

When it comes to cleaning your air conditioning and heating units, the air filters are one of the most significant components and first things we look at. Similarly, the refrigerant should be checked in the AC system. The refrigerant helps in cooling down the air coming directly from the air conditioning system. 

In some homes, there may be a furnace used to heat the home, whereas, in others, a heat pump is utilized. Particularly if you have a heat pump, the condenser coils and compressor should be examined for any issues. Furnace services are available too for those in Gaston County, NC. 

Lastly, a heating and cooling expert may compare your thermostat’s reading to that of a thermometer. This way, they can confirm whether the numbers provided by your thermostat are accurate or if there are reasons for concern. 

During a regular maintenance visit, a thorough inspection will be completed for all systems that are part of your plan. If compromised, our heating and cooling technicians will suggest a long-lasting and affordable solution for you.

Getting Started with an Ongoing Maintenance Plan

In the long-run, signing up for an ongoing maintenance plan can improve the indoor air quality within your home, increase the efficiency of your systems, and decrease your chances of needing emergency repairs. With that said, no matter what type of units you have in your home, it makes sense to get them serviced on a regular basis. After all, it can save you money. Contact us today for more information!